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March 02, 2011


Gary Jesch

Skype was working closely with Netviewer, the German web conferencing company last year. Netviewer was purchased by Citrix and with the sale completed last month, Citrix now owns the European market for web conferencing, webinars and remote support, due to this acquisition. Netviewer brings along a smoothly running technology for desktop sharing and simultaneous webcam use, with servers located in Europe, the US and around the world. US customers of Netviewer find this product to be an easy-to-use, high-speed, international platform and they are wondering what will happen to it when Citrix takes over.

For example, will there eventually be a Citrix product that integrates the best features of all of these companies while keeping the affordability of both Skype and Netviewer? Or is it all a strategy to remove competitors from the web conferencing space by simply buying them out? We hope it will lead to a best-of-breed offering for millions of web conferencing users in private, SMB and enterprise scenarios.

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