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October 19, 2007


Voip providers

There are several advantages using VoIP including the availability of advanced features that standard telephone systems are not capable of and the ability to have a phone number usually associated with a particular local area anywhere in the world.
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We use LM2007 extensively for internal training, remote support and audio/video conference. I haven't seen any of the issues that are described above. The issues that I have seen are related to poor internet connection and wrong or out of date audio/video drivers or non compatible historical headset or web cam devices

I am not surprised to read David Chao's feedback. I guess he must be Cisco Insider :).

online meeting reviews

Yea microsoft has a long way to go I think. It's got one foot in the arena but has to play catch with Goto and Webex.


but i couldn't even download the office live meeting 2007 server.i am currently using Adobe Connect Pro.


David, I accidentally stumbled across this blog while searching for LM 2007 upgrade issues. I am responsible for upgrading our customers hosted sites from LM 2005 to LM 2007. Anything I should "really" be worried about. We support integrated audio and server based recordings and I am concerned that client recording will disappear after the upgrade.

David Chao


Sorry to hear about your Live Meeting upgrade/downgrade mess, always a frustrating situation when the vendor does not provide good service. I have heard about LM unreliability and firewall issues numerous times. All the best in your future evaluations.

Mike Guess

Microsoft forcibly upgraded our LM2005 to LM2007. After two weeks of hassle, we gave the ultimatum: downgrade us to LM2005 or we're gone. They said no-- only if LM2007 doesn't work within our office. Huh? Then they offered the "special case" downgrade. Still waiting for that while we evaluate other web conference solutions. My rating: LM2007 is a bloated, unreliable, complex mess of poop.

David Chao


Appreciate your comment but what I documented in my blog is exactly what happened during the MSFT Unified Communication Launch. Even the MSFT team confirmed that they had technical issues during beta testing. Any chance you are a Microsoft Solution Specialist out of Madrid?

Always the objective, Ken Molay, even has the same sentiment as I do. Read what he has to say:


Oscar Maqueda

That's amazing, the Trail for LM2007 works fine A/V features are fantastic and collaboration has plenty tools to enable real meetings, please try it before blaming.

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