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June 12, 2007


David Chao


Thanks for your comments and apologize if it's confusing. What most people know about FreeConferenceCall.com (FCC.com) is that it's free Toll calling (NOT Toll-free), meaning that there are no charges to you but there are long distance charges for people that call into the FCC number that you provided them.

"What are the costs involved in a FreeConferenceCall® account?
Only normal long distance charges by each caller's carrier apply. There will be no bill or charges from FreeConferenceCall.com for this service." (Feel free to read their FAQ's: http://www.freeconferencecall.com/signin.asp#cost)

What most people do not know about FCC.com is how they make money, hence the purpose of my post. All the best Gene and hope this helps.

Gene Beaty

Please clarify this post-it just confused me, because it talks about long distance [ld] fees for the caller, but few people ever pay ld fees any more, so where's the bite?-and even if there is no LD because these are local calls. In my business, no one will call if it is long distance, even if they have unlimited cell or other no LD situation. I don't want to tell my callers if is free when I know or should know its not true. So please clarify


Is it a scam if ATT or Verizon or any other Bell does this? THEY came up with the "system" and don't use it to better the system. At FreeTeleCon.com we know that FreeConference Call.com makes and uses the very best in the world "switches", most retired after a few years. Most Bells have switches up to 29 years old! So just who is putting money back into the system?

If FreeConferenceCall is a scam then what are the Big Bells?

Andy R

Hi there, free conference call services definitely have their place. Our clients us them all the time. But for some, more control is necessary--a greater feature set. You may want to check out our most recent blog post on the subject.

Andy R
Author of 5 Shortcomings of Free Conference Call Services

David Chao


It's $0.06 per minute, same as 6 cents per minute. NOT less than 1 penny.


A couple of people posted ".06 cents a minute." I want a clarification on this: Do you mean 6 cents a minute? Or do you really mean six tenths of a cent per minute?


Excellent explanation. Thank you.


So let me find out if I am clear. When exactly should users expect to get hit with fees for using the service? If they have unlimited minutes on their phone plans, are they always in the clear? When do the 0.06 cents/minute come into play? The blog says that wireless carriers get hit. Should users not call from cell phones?

Bottom line -- when do the users actually get hit with the charges?

David Chao

Siris, I did not state that Freeconferencecall.com was a SCAM. I'm simply suggesting that users need to understand the business model, as well as, go into greater details as to how they charge for toll-free but provide free toll, while all callers pay their own long distance charges. (Companies like FreeConferenceCall.com, MagicJack, FuturePhone, SpeakEasy exist because of FCC loopholes that allow "traffic pumping.")

Again, I'm not claiming a SCAM, I'll let the reader decide and let the AT&T's of the world cry "fraud" and sue smaller companies like FuturePhone.

It will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out and if Google Voice is the "free" service that finally gets the FCC to reform some of these rules.


Freeconferencecall.com is no scam...I have been using the service for years and have never paid a penny. Since everyone who calls me is calling from they're personal line and has unlimited long disstance they dont pay either. If having your particapants call a LD number then simply open the Toll Free account with the. Also, I have never once renewed my conference call account with them and my line works fine. I cant believe that people would even listen to a marketing rep from "Cisco Systems" talk about a company that is far better and much less expensive!! No garbage tellcomm fees no nothing. Just free or .06 cents per minute per line. No contract ...Beat that

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