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June 12, 2007



Regardless of what side you're on as far as the ethics of the practice, it's absolutely a traffic pumping situation. The area code of my freeconferencecall.com number is 712, one of the 2 that wikipedia specifically calls out in their example of the typical traffic pumping setup.


Paul K


Thanks for posting this on your blog. My organization uses them (FreeConferenceCall.com) all the time and I was wondering why would they provide this service if they don't make money. Now I understand how it works. Thanks.


goverment and federal offices are using this. what if terrorist groups are monitoring? who checking that out?

Bob Sharon

We used freeconferencecall.com but cannot use the service anymore. There were complaints from the guests that accessed the call using the free access numbers provided by freeconferencecall. The calls were not free to our attendees. Probably great for a casul call with a friend who doesn't mind paying to access the conference. But you, the host, won't have to pay unless the access number is a long distance call for you too.


My (second line) VoIP phone company cut my service with the following reason:

Some conference lines have inflated tariff rates for calling. The number you were calling in question has a rate between 7-10 cents per minute, a charge that VoIP-Phone-Company had to pay for. You spent X amount of minutes on the line which incurred a cost over $Y.

Referring to their terms of service:
The terms of service states “excessive conferencing … will be considered indicators that use may be inconsistent with normal use.”

The "excessive conferencing" term might be in most VoIP provider's TOS.

Just be aware of this fact!

Dean Vesuvio

To the best of my knowledge, FreeConference does engage in so-called "traffic pumping" (look it up). I found one provider that doesn't do this. They're called Rondee and they use phone numbers in the San Diego and Sacramento areas of California, not in some rural LEC.

If you want to check it out: http://www.rondee.com

Hi there, free conference call services definitely have their place. Our clients us them all the time.

David Chao


I totally agree with your comments!


While many people have unlimited minutes and/or free long distance, many businesses do not. And many companies (mostly scams) are still able to randomly attach additional charges to phone bills simply because some employee used the company number and failed to click some box in order to not sign up for some service. So, while this seems like a great deal, I need to co-ordinate conference calls with 9 locations, all located in different states, I don't want them hit with a giant phone bill because they DON'T have free long distance.


I've been a satisfied user for over a year and have never been charged a cent. Cant believe anyone pays for LD anymore, its so cheap and typically bundled.

Thanks for the post I was curious how they kept the lights on, seems like a very legitimate business model to me and very useful service - win/win. (unless you are the CEO of a mobile carrier...)

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