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October 06, 2006


Justin Howley

Interesting, our company was debating the Connect purchase and we were conisdering WebEx and Live meeting. The plus to Adobe Connect was the marketshare of Flash and the one click entrance for clients. The key is no downloads.

rita christensen

I am new to this blog...what would you recommend for a mac user to perform elearning/training? Thanks, Rita

dave pitcher

to be fair you are only posting half truths about connect i imagine due to your web ex bias if youhave the plug in for connect it means you have a license for acrobat which in turns means that while in a meeting you can change the doc. you shouldnt embarass your self by posting things you dont know about

Anthony Roy


You bring up a great point. Sharing static documents via the web is not productive us of anyone's time. Static documents can be emailed or posted to a site for review and comment without the need to meet via a web meeting.

The purpose of meeting real time is to encourage interaction among the team to gather valuable feedback and ideas as it happens. Enabling the modification of information amongst a group in this manner increases the team's ability to identify obstacles and their solutions. It also increases the sense of ownership and provides a clear understanding of next steps.

Our customers have proven that meetings are more effective when the documents dynamic, enabling content to change, action items to be added and input captured. Based on customer feedback, we released an integration with WebEx, called MindManager Instant Meeting, powered by WebEx, http://www.mindjet.com/us/products/mindmanager_addins/instant_meeting/webex.php , providing a quick method for teams to meet productively.

While there are times in which a static presentation is appropriate, truly effective meetings must provide an interactive, collaborative environment.

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